And speaks about iconic artwork..
Scott Colothan
10:14 6th May 2010

The baby on the cover of Nirvana's 'Nevermind' has secured a job with President Barack Obama's 'HOPE' poster designer Shepard Fairey.

The now 19-year-old Spencer Elden is employed by Fairey's 'Obey' company in Los Angeles and works on a variety of projects including making record covers.

As well as the iconic 'HOPE' posters in support of the then Democrat candidate in 2008, Fairey also created the famous 'OBEY Giant' images of Andre The Giant in the nineties.

Speaking about his work with Fairey, Elden said:  “I’ve always loved art. My Dad’s an artist – he works in the film industry and makes custom props. I used to help him out when I could.

“Having Shepherd as a boss is pretty awesome. He’s very inspiring”.

Elden also spoke about the famous Nirvana cover on the promotional video posted on Vimeo.

“My nickname is Nirvana Baby,” he said. “That's because I'm the baby on the front of the Nirvana album. It's kind of a fun fact about me I guess – everyone in the world has seen my penis.”

Explaining how it came about, he added: “My parents were going to art school with a photographer Kirk Weddle so they kind of supported him.

“He kind of got this portfolio together of underwater photography and his first big job was this Nirvana baby shoot.

“He called up my dad and said 'I've got my first big shoot and they're paying me to take this baby underwater and I don't have a baby', well I was just born so they took me down to the local pool and threw me in.”

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