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Jason Gregory

14:33 12th March 2010

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Lady Gaga has revealed that director Quentin Tarantino told her to use the pussy wagon in her new video.

The yellow truck - originally used in Tarantino's 2003 movie Kill Bill Vol. 1 - makes a cameo appearance in the nine-minute video for 'Telephone'.

Lady Gaga said she was discussing the plot for the video when Tarantino suggested she use the iconic vehicle.

"We were having lunch one day in Los Angeles and I was telling him about my concept for the video and he said, 'You gotta use the Pussy Wagon!',” she told E! News.

The singer also admitted that, like her previous videos, the video for 'Telephone' contained a series of “hidden messages”.

Directed by Jonas Aklerlund, the video also features Beyonce, and sees the pair transformed into America's Most Wanted after they poison customers in a diner. 

It has already been viewed more than 500,000 times since it made its debut in the US late last night (March 11).

Lady Gaga - 'Telephone' Video

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