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Jason Gregory

09:58 10th March 2010

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OK Go bassist Tim Nordwind says the band want to be involved in soundtrack to the next film in The Twilight Saga.

The US group were among a host of big names, including Thom Yorke and Editors, who appeared on the score to last movie, New Moon.

And Nordwind told Gigwise they were keen contribute another track to the third instalment, Eclipse, which is released this summer.

“We would love to be on the soundtrack again if they would have us,” the bassist told Gigwise in an exclusive interview.

“That's definitely a market, you know, that we don't necessarily always tap into – the vampire and werewolf market.

“If we can have some more vampire and werewolf fans that would be great.”

The bassist also praised the soundtrack to New Moon, which featured their hit 'Shooting The Moon'.

“The soundtrack was actually really great – a good collection of indie band's from today – and we'd love to be involved again if they'll have us,” Nordwind said.

Eclipse stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. It is due to hit cinemas worldwide in July.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Sountrack Explained

  • 1. Death Cab for Cutie: ‘Meet Me on the Equinox’ - The official song of New Moon sees emo rock kings Death Cab step up to the plate for one of their most driving and urgent tracks to date. “Everything ends” is sung repeatedly on a loop by Ben Gibbard, describing the relationship between New Moon's main characters Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and what New Moon has in hold for the pair. The official video for 'Meet Me On The Equinox' shows clips from the movie that depict Edward leaving Bella as well as the band performing the song live.

  • 2. Band of Skulls: ‘Friends’ - The relatively unknown British group hail from Southampton and make brooding but epic rock songs perfect for the big screen. Having had no great success so far their appearance on the New Moon soundtrack with 'Friends' could well propel the three piece band to success.

  • 3. Thom Yorke: ‘Hearing Damage’ - Having the lead singer of Radiohead on the soundtrack is a massive coup for New Moon and is a surprising, yet interesting, move from Yorke. Much talked-about, it was expected that Yorke's Twilight song 'Hearing Damage' would be aired at his recent Los Angeles shows, but he sadly steered clear. Following the 'Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses' 12”, late 2009 is turning out to be one of the most productive eras of Thom Yorke's solo career so far.

  • 4. Lykke Li: ‘Possibility’ - The Swedish chanteuse first emerged in 2008 with her understated but superb debut album 'Youth Novels' featuring delicate vocals and stripped back, fragile love songs. Prior to appearing on the New Moon soundtrack with 'Possibility', her biggest hit was 'Little Bit' as well as a cover of Kings Of Leon's 'Knocked Up'. Hopefully Lykke Li will now get the global exposure she truly deserves.

  • 5. The Killers: 'A White Demon Love Song' - The glitter rockers put in an understated appearance on the New Moon soundtrack with 'A White Demon Love Song'. Stripping away the pomposity Brandon Flowers and co. put in an understated but charming turn reminiscent of much of their b-sides collection 'Sawdust'. Whereas the first Twilight film was a thriller filled with suspense and used a pop-punk soundtrack, New Moon is about lost love and heartbreak so the film's musical supervisor Alexandra Patsavas approached indie bands like The Killers to provide the score.

  • 6. Anya Marina: ‘Satellite Heart’ - The singer-songwriter from San Diego, California donated the beguiling song 'Satellite Heart' to the soundtrack. Her acoustic ballads have gained her a small following in the USA and has made the all important appearances on American TV on shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl. Anya is also a trained actress having attended both the British American Drama Academy and American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

  • 7. Muse: ‘I Belong to You (New Moon)’ - Muse are Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's favourite band and she regularly listened to the band's music when writing the Twilight trilogy. The band's song 'Supermassive Black Hole' appeared in the first Twilight film and is credited to giving the Devonshire trio their break in the States. 'I Belong To You' appears on Muse's new album 'The Resistance', but this New Moon version is a special and re-edit made exclusively for the film. The new version is a jazzier affair and is minus the French language verse from the original song. Lead singer Matt Bellamy said of the song, “I think it's all right. ... If it was one of the main tracks on the album, I would never do it”" he said. "But it's actually one of the weirder tracks on the album ... one of the 'can't believe we got away with it' kind of tracks. I think it might be worth giving it a go (because) it's a track that might not get played live very often ... so it might give that track some life that it wouldn't have otherwise."

  • 8. Bon Iver & St. Vincent: ‘Roslyn’ - Proof that Twilight has truly crossed over lies in the calibre of the artists involved in this album. A duet between Justin Vernon and Annie Clarke would have been a big deal under any circumstances so the fact that New Moon have managed to get the exclusive gives them an extra cool cache. Bon Iver, of course, is most famous for his album 'For Emma, Forever Ago' which details the painful break up between him and a lover. The album was recorded in isolation during a stay at a Wisconsin log cabin . Annie Clarke (St Vincent) is a Brooklyn based singer songwriter and has released two albums, 'Marry Me' in 2007 and this years 'Actor'.

  • 9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: ‘Done All Wrong’ - San Francisco rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club recorded this exclusive, brand-spanking-new track especially for the soundtrack. It's not yet clear whether the folk-tinged song is a taster for their sixth studio album, which, according to a posting on their official website, they hope to release in the coming months.

  • 10. Hurricane Bells: ‘Monsters’ - One of the lesser known names on the Twilight soundtrack, Hurricane Bells is the name of a new side-project from Steve Schiltz, the singer and song-writer of American indie-rock outfit Longwave (above). Steve announced on Myspace this August: “I finished a record earlier this year called 'Tonight Is The Ghost' and I decided to call the project Hurricane Bells. I wrote, played, and recorded every note on my macbook.” A month later he joyfully confirmed that a non-album track, 'Monsters', had been selected for the 'Twilight New Moon' soundtrack.

  • 11. Sea Wolf: ‘The Violet Hour’ - Alex Church, from Los Angeles indie group Irving, formed side-project Sea Wolf in 2003. The group has undergone a series of line-up changes and released their debut album 'Leaves in the River' through Dangerbird Records in 2007. Eschewing a folk-rock sound, Sea Wolf's Twilight song is called 'The Violet Hour' and Church hopes it touches Twilight fans in a personal way. He told Vanity Fair: “I put a lot of myself into my songs, but I don’t want to alienate anyone. It’s a good song. I hope people (who buy the soundtrack) will like it and will hopefully seek us out and check out our other records.”

  • 12. OK Go: ‘Shooting the Moon’ - Best know for the Grammy Award winning video to 'Here It Goes Again' where the band members dance on treadmills, OK Go have donated new song ‘Shooting the Moon’ to Twilight New Moon. Singer Damian Kulash told Buzznet that the song isn't about vampires, instead it tells the story of an astronaut involved a conspiracy about the moon landings. Not specifically written for the movie, Kulash reckons it fits the soundtrack perfectly: “It was recorded along with the songs on our new album, but it was a perfect fit for New Moon... The song is in such great company on this soundtrack that it’s probably happier in its new home.”

  • 13. Grizzly Bear: ‘Slow Life’ - One of the most critically acclaimed indie outfits of the past year, it was only natural that Brooklyn's Grizzly Bear were drafted in for the soundtrack. ‘Slow Life’ is one of the many new songs on the soundtrack and features vocal contributions from Victoria LeGrand of the band Beach House. The two bands have been on tour together this month and have been airing the track live during their shows.

  • 14. Editors: ‘No Sound but the Wind’ - Birmingham's finest, Editors, re-recorded their song ‘No Sound but the Wind’ for the soundtrack. Twilight director Chris Weitz personally contacted the band to say he loved the song, but asked them to re-jig it. Singer Tom Smith tells Gigwise: “At first I was like fuck off, there’s no way. But I went back and I thought about the lyrics and I recorded it slightly differently and I actually think the lyrics flow better now than they ever did and it will now be on the film.” Originally set for inclusion on their third studio album 'In This Light and On This Evening', Editors eventually decided to omit it making the track a Twilight exclusive.

  • 15. Alexandre Desplat: ‘New Moon (The Meadow)’ - Esteemed film score producer Alexandre Desplat wrote the movie's signature song and score. The Oscar-nominated Frenchman, who now resides in Los Angeles, has worked on a number of high-profile movies including 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button', 'The Golden Compass' and the upcoming 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'.

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