The vet wouldn't allow it...
11:04 11th February 2010

Experimental musician Matthew Herbert has been refused permission to record the sounds of a pig being slaughtered for his upcoming album 'One Pig'.

The 39-year-old was due to record the pig's death on Monday (February 8th) but wrote on his blog that the vet at the abattoir wouldn't allow it.

He said: “Rather frustratingly, and despite many phone calls we have found it impossible to find an abattoir to allow us to record the death of the pig. we found one farmer willing to let us record, but then the attending vet did not allow it.”

The album 'One Pig' will be made up entirely of sounds made during the life cycle of a pig.

The pig's meat will be sent to top chefs, including Heston Blumenthal, for a banquet, while Herbert will make a drum from the skin, a flute out of its bones, a toothbrush from the bristles and ink from its blood.

Herbert added on his blog: “For me the death was always a crucial part of the project. it was the part i was looking forward to the least, but the part i felt was most pertinent in my understanding of this life. i'll be writing more about this process at a later date.”

Despite not recording the sound, the pig has been slaughtered and the other stages of the project will go ahead.

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