He'll be out of the limelight for a while...
Scott Colothan
17:04 18th January 2010

The Enemy are taking a break from recording and touring, with singer Tom Clarke concentrating on decorating his newly acquired farm.

Speaking to Radio 1's Newsbeat, Clarke explained that the band haven't had a break since 2007 and are preparing to step out of the limelight for the time being.

He said: "We're just taking it easy, taking our time. I've bought this ridiculous farm and I'm trying to decorate it so I can move in."

Despite the current hiatus, Clarke added that the three band members are still busy writing away.

"We're being a bit prolific at the moment but there's a lot of really exciting stuff happening.

"We're going back to rehearsing how we used to because we can't not rehearse, we'd miss it too much.

"A lot of the tunes we're writing are pretty old-school Enemy and it's pretty exciting," he explained.