He's backing Rage all the way...
Scott Colothan

12:54 17th December 2009

Former X Factor winner Steve Brookstein has hit out at the show and Simon Cowell in an impassioned Facebook message.

Brookstein, who won the first series of X Factor but was swiftly dropped by Simon Cowell, is backing the Rage Against The Machine For Christmas Number 1 campaign and was happy to have a dig at McElderry's single.

Of Killing In The Name, he wrote: “Before X Factor gimps have a go I will tell will tell you this and I sware on my son's life. I was not bothered that my single 'against all odds' went to number one and I wasn't bother that my album went to number one. I just wanted to make good music - and not the pop schlop associated with Cowell. Unfortunately I was dropped because I wouldn't play the game. Now to my point -

X Factor is on for 4 months - surely winning the show and getting a deal is enough for any artist. To release for Christmas is just mega rich Simon Cowell doing a fuck you to Santa Claus, Rudolph, all the little elves, Frosty and not forgetting Baby Jesus.

What a douche!

It's Christmas not Xmas!"

Well said Steve!

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Photo: WENN.com