Featuring members of The Dead 60s
Scott Colothan

10:56 12th November 2009

Sir Paul McCartney's son James has started up a band which he says is influenced by The Beatles.

The 32-year-old's group is called The Light and features Charlie Turner and Bryan Johnson from the deceased Liverpool outfit The Dead 60s.

Speaking about the venture, McCartney tells The Sun: "I have been playing music since I was nine and writing along the way.

"I met my band about a year ago. Producer David Kahne introduced us and my dad helped.

"I am currently recording an album. The music was inspired by The Beatles, Nirvana, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Radiohead and all good music."

James performed and helped write tracks on two of his dad's solo long-players - 1997's 'Flaming Pie' and 2001's 'Driving Rain'.

Guess the rock star parents!

  • Unlike his dad, Duncan's eyes are not different colours

  • David Bowie's 39-year-old son Duncan Jones (formerly Zowie Bowie) who is now a film director. His debut movie 'Moon' is released this summer

  • Absolutely no clues needed, this 32-year-old is the absolute spitting image of his late dad.

  • George Harrison's son Dhani who has pursued a career in music himself.

  • This 18-year-old was born to a rock star couple. Sadly, one of them is no longer with us while the other is a bit loopy

  • Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter Frances Bean Cobain

  • His bassist father is simply known as 'The Demon' to some

  • Gene Simmons and his son Nicholas

  • His dad is one of Britain's biggest rock stars, and although James has pursued acting he's definitely still got his father's trout pout.

  • James Jagger is the 25-year-old son of Sir Mick.

  • Her older sister starred in Lord of the Rings, while her father is a veteran, multi-million selling rock band frontman

  • Chelsea Tallarico, the sister of Liv Tyler and daughter of Steven Tyler

  • Unlike her parents and siblings, this 27-year-old opted not to star in an infamous reality show

  • Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Aimee

  • His father was a pivotal member of THE biggest band of all time.

  • Sir Paul McCartney and his son James

  • This teenager's dad is a drummer-turned-frontman who went a bit soppy when he went solo

  • Phil Collins and his daughter Lily

  • Just like his iconic father and mother, John has pursued a career in country music.

  • Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash's only son John. A country music singer, author, songwriter and producer in his own right, his parent's talents have clearly rubbed off on him

  • Like a number of rock n' roll offspring, this frazzled guitarist's daughter has a career in modelling.

  • Keith Richards and his ex-model wife Patti Hansen's 25-year-old daughter Theodora

  • Her legendary father is one of the pioneers of shock rock.

  • Alice Cooper and his actress/singer daughter Calico at an awards ceremony in 2008

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Photo: WENN.com