Themselves and Arctic Monkeys...
Scott Colothan

13:58 11th November 2009

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno believes there is a shortage of “proper rock n' roll bands” in the UK since Oasis' split.

In fact, the 28-year-old modestly reckons that only his band and Arctic Monkeys are the remaining bastions of the genre on British shores.

Speaking to, Serge said: “We never actually said we were the biggest band in the UK but what we did say is that now with Oasis splitting up, there aren’t many proper rock n roll bands left. Can you name one?

 “There are only us and the Arctic Monkeys. All the rest of them have released shit albums or didn’t care enough in the first place.”

Serge went on to slam X Factor, adding: “It goes over my head to be honest – I’ve no interest whatever. It’s for kids and I know my sister’s kids swear by it so why should I have an opinion? When they get older I’ll play them some Hendrix or some Amon Duul – that’s my job!”

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