News of his 'death' circulated yesterday...
Scott Colothan
09:52 30th October 2009

Punk drummer Chuck Biscuits was the subject of an elaborate death hoax yesterday.

A report on by blogger James Greene Jr claimed yesterday that he had received a report from an 'anonymous family' member that Biscuits had died aged 44 of throat cancer.

The news spread like wildfire over net with tributes pouring in for the reclusive drummer who had played with bands such as Danzig, Black Flag and Social Distortion.

Although there has been no official confirmation that Biscuits is alive or dead, Greene now believes that his sources were “fake”.

Greene writes: “Case closed? Not until I figure out who the hell was e-mailing me for six months pretending to be Chuck and his wife. A "full disclosure" post regarding my side of this whole mess is coming shortly.”

He later posted a letter from his alleged sources claiming Biscuits was alive.

Former Space singer Tommy Scott was killed off in a death hoax back in April when a fake email was sent to local press in Liverpool.