Alice Glass launches a drum kit at them...
Joe-John Coxhead

10:07 22nd June 2009

Crystal Castles' show at the Sonar festival in Barcelona in the early hours of Sunday morning ended in a fracas between the band and venue security.

Singer Alice Glass jumped into the crowd at the SonarPub venue during what turned out to be the final song, 'Courtship Dating', when security pulled at her legs.

Seemingly pissed off, Glass flailed punches towards them before dismantling the drum kit and launching it at a security guard.

The remaining members of the security team then jumped in as Ethan Kath from the Toronto duo joined in the skirmish. The fracas was then out of view as the lights went off and curtains were drawn.

Fellow Sonar performer Little Boots was at the venue and commented: “Woah just watched crystal castles at sonar, sound was awful throughout kept cutting out so at te end alice started trashing the stage…then the sound guy tried to rugby tackle her so ethan jumped out and punched him! Massive!”

She then tweeted later: “Okay just spoke to alice apparently it was her who socked him one ha ha.”

It's not the first time Crystal Castles have got into an altercation with security. During their set on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury last year the plug was pulled early when Glass scaled the metal pillars.

You can see the video of the Sonar incident below: