Mother refused money from mystery millionaire...
Daniel Melia

13:25 30th March 2005

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JackoThe defence in the trial of Michael Jackson have been dealt a severe blow with the news that the mother of the boy he is alleged to have abused refused money from a mystery millionaire.

The evidence contradicts claims by the defence that Gavin Arvizo’s mother was trying to get money out of the star. The revelation came during court proceedings yesterday when the man who first introduced Michael Jackson to Arvizo took the stand.

The Sun reports Jamie Masada, owner of the Laugh Factory comedy camp for underprivileged children, said a “particular person” had offered money to Arvizo’s family after seeing a documentary about the boy who was suffering from cancer at the time.

Masada said that Janet Arvizo rejected the money and only asked for “friendship and prayers”. He also said that Mrs Arvizo had once called him from Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in tears saying the family were being held hostage there.

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