You can hear it now...
Daniel Melia
09:24 14th May 2009

Wilco have seemingly reacted to the leak of their new record 'Wilco (the Album)' by streaming it in its entirety on their official website.

The album is due to be released in June but was leaked online on May 12 around various file sharing sites.

The band have suggested that those who have already downloaded the record should donate money to Inspiration Corporation, a charity in Chicago.

In a statement about the leak, the band said: "Well, we made it nearly a month with copies of Wilco (the album) floating around out there before it leaked.

“Pretty impressive restraint in this day and age. But the inevitable happened last night. Since we know you're curious and probably have better things to do than scour the internet for a download (though we do understand the attraction of the illicit), we've posted a stream of the full album...Feel free to refer to it as 'wilco (the stream)' if you must."

You can listen to to the album in full HERE