Which has surfaced online...
Jason Gregory

12:31 29th April 2009

The Conservative party have denied that a man seen dancing wildly in an online video is David Cameron.

The footage, which can be seen below, is said to be from a 1988 Sunrise party and is set to ‘Moments in Love’ by Arts of Noise’.

Political Guido Fawkes, who managed the PR for Sunrise in the late 80s, posted the video on his blog under the heading: “Is this a picture of a long-haired 22 year-old David Cameron?”

Fawkes then challenged his readers to decide whether the man, who is seen in the film with long dark hair, was the now Tory leader.

Despite a striking similarity, the Conservative party “categorically” denied that the man was Mr Cameron.

A spokeswoman added to the Guardian that she had “no idea” whether Mr Cameron had ever attended a rave.

Acid House Sunrise video:

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