Despite the band's everyman appeal...
Daniel Melia
15:28 15th April 2009

Tom Clarke has defended the title of The Enemy's second album, 'Music For The People', but says he is not trying to become the voice of his generation.

The album's moniker has been taken by many as a clarion call for the band's everyman appeal but Clarke says they are not trying to be pretentious.

He told Newsbeat: "It's not a big ridiculous, pretentious title like everyone thinks. It's quite a humble little thing.

"When we release an album you're sort of giving the songs to people,"

"They become their property, they become their songs. And it's really just to signify that, the handing over of an album from a band to the people that buy it."

He added: "I don't like that term 'band of the people' - I think the fact of the matter is, we're a band and we are people.

"The other one you get branded with is voice of a generation and we're not the voice of a generation at all. We're three typical lads that a lot of people can relate to because we're from really typical backgrounds.

"We're not the voice of a generation; I won't be up on a pedestal proclaiming to be the voice of a generation. I'm not interested in that."