A report claims they are plagued by in-fighting...
10:39 2nd April 2009

The Killers are on the verge of a meltdown due to the pressures of constant touring, a tabloid report claims.

The Las Vegas rockers are apparently so “sick of the sight of each other” that they are considering taking a break in 2010.

A source tells the Daily Mirror: “They’re exhausted. They haven’t had a break since they first formed and it has started getting to them.

“When they started out they were all good friends, but they just don’t seem to get on any more. They are sick of the sight of each other.

“Brandon tries to be a peacemaker but when he loses it the whole band falls apart. They know taking a break could damage their career but they can’t see a way out and they don’t want to split.”

The report claims that the in-fighting in the band has been so intense that they refuse to travel to gigs together.

However, despite the claims, a spokesperson for the band has confirmed that the band are getting on “fine” and are looking forward to the year ahead.

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