He's angered by the pre-April Fools prank...
15:43 1st April 2009

Former Space singer Tommy Scott was at the centre of a distasteful death hoax yesterday evening (March 31).

The 37-year-old, who now performs with The Drellas, says he is extremely angry about the prank as his mother heard about his 'death' from a radio report.

A press release, originally believed to be from his current  label Antipop records, said that Scott died of heart failure yesterday afternoon at 2pm. A website also featured a tombstone with the words 'Tommy Scott. 1972 – 2009' inscribed.

A number of local radio stations and websites soon reported the false news of his 'death'.

Responding to the prank, Scott blasted to the Liverpool Echo: "I can’t say how angry I am about this. I’m alive and well, but to have my mum believing I was dead was beyond a joke. I just can’t believe this has happened.

"The phone hasn’t stopped, but now we just want to find out who is responsible. There’s going to be hell to pay."

An investigation is under way to find the culprit of the hoax.