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Jason Gregory

11:37 26th February 2009

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Film director Tim Burton has revealed he has plans to work on a project with The Cure.

"I could easily see really liking to do something, collaborate some time," he told BBC 6Music.

Burton, who has directed such films as Batman and Sleepy Hollow, said he was a huge fan of the group, and also noted how they had inspired his own movies.

"I have been for so many years and they've been so inspirational to me, so it's a real honour to be here with them,” Burton said at an awards ceremony in London.

"Even though I've never worked with them, like I said, their music has always been inspirational to me so somewhere, in anything I've done.

"Always in the back of my mind it's probably rolling around there somewhere in my soul."

Burton is currently working on a 3D version of Alice in Wonderland.

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Photo: Carsten Windhorst