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Jason Gregory

09:01 22nd November 2008

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Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he changed his name to Gladys Jenkins while recording his new Fireman album.

In an interview with Channel 4, the former Beatle said that by using a woman’s name he felt more relaxed while singing.

He also said it was a technique he first used when recording with the Beatles.

“We decided to go undercover, to do whatever we wanted,” he said.

“That way, when you go to the microphone, I don’t think of it as going as Paul McCartney and it frees you up.

“I’d say, ‘Right, you’re going to become Gladys Jenkins.’ It was quite thrilling, that’s how we approached 'Sgt. Pepper’s'.It’s like you’re playing instead of working.”

The Fireman's new album 'Electronic Arguments'features thirteen tracks written by Sir Paul and is the first Fireman album to feature vocals.

Each track, produced by Youth, was recorded in thirteen days over the period of nearly a year.

Reports have claimed that one of the songs on the album is inspired by Sir Paul's former marriage to Heather Mills.

The Beatles
(The rare Beatles shots appear courtesy of theCBS’ exhibition, which is on display at the Beatles Story until November.)

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