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Jason Gregory

15:25 17th November 2008

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US rapper Eminem has confirmed that his long awaited new album won't be released until 2009.

"We're looking at first quarter next year, which is probably, you know, January, February,” the rapper told MTV.

Reports had previously claimed that 'Relapse' would be released before the end of this year.

But Eminem said he was now “real close” to finishing the album, which will be his first studio release since 2004's 'Encore'.

He said he had recorded over 100 songs since "but now we've just got to go through everything, pick the best ones and, you know, put it out."

Eminem first confirmed details about the album, which has been produced by long term collaborator Dr Dre, last month

Speaking about the album, the rapper said he hoped it would “remind people how I rap” but added he had no plans to tour

Eminem - Through the Years

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