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Sir Paul McCartney Reveals Identity Of Beatles' Eleanor Rigby

In a charity donation...

November 11, 2008 by Jason Gregory | Photo by WENN
Sir Paul McCartney Reveals Identity Of Beatles' Eleanor Rigby

The identity of the woman who inspired one of The Beatles most loved songs, 'Eleanor Rigby', has been revealed by Sir Paul McCartney.

The former Beatle has donated an accounts log from the Corporation of Liverpool to a charity auction which stats that E. Rigby worked at the City Hospital in Parkhill.

Sir Paul has previously claimed that he knew little about the identity of the woman.

However, a grave of an Eleanor Rigby was discovered in Liverpool in the 1980s in the churchyard of St. Peter’s Parish in Woolton – a place both Sir Paul and band mate John Lennon were known to visit.

Sir Paul sent the accounts log to The Sunbeam Trust after the charity's Annie Mawson wrote to him requesting a small financial donation in 1990.

It is due to go under the hammer along with other rare memorabilia at the Idea Generation Gallery in London on November 27th.

You can see a selection of rare Beatles shots from CBS’ exhibition, which is on display at the Beatles Story until November, below...

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