But he praises some acts...
Jason Gregory

17:12 21st October 2008

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US rapper Eminem has criticised the current state of rap music, saying he finds the majority of it “crap”.

But the rapper, who is scheduled to release his new album 'Relapse' later this year, did find praise for a few acts.

"Actually I think T.I.'s new album ('Paper Trail') is great and I've been pumping that for the last two weeks every day in my car aside from my own stuff as I record it,” he told the BBC

"Andre 3000 is also incredible. So I just mean rap in general."

In a wide ranging interview
, Eminem said he had spent the last five months working on his new material Dr Dre.

The rapper also told DJ Zane Lowe than he had no immediate interest in returning to the road in support of the album.

Instead, he said, he was releasing the album to “remind people how I rap”.

Eminem also backed Democrat Barack Obama's bid to become the next US president.

Eminem – Through the Years

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