While they debate whether to file a wrongful death lawsuit...
10:56 2nd March 2005

Tribute Taken From Pantera.com

The estate of the murdered Damageplan guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott is to be divided equally between his brother and father.

According to the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Yahoo Dimebag did not leave a will yet Vinnie Paul Abbott and Dimebag’s father Jerry Abbott are not squabbling over the estate.

Family lawyer Steve McClure said to the newspaper :"(Abbott) reiterated to just about everybody that he didn't have a will because he didn't want to give anyone a reason. These are class folks and you're not going to see them at the courthouse fighting over nickels and dimes."

Dimebag’s assets are estimated at $700,000, including a $450,000 home in the Dallas area and $250,000 in personal property. The value of his music copyrights was not specified in court.

Although Dimebag’s girlfriend Rita Sue Haney was not listed as a beneficiary, his business manager Jeff Rasco said: "Rita's going to be provided for...Darrell knew her since the third grade."

The Abbott family are still debating whether or not to file a wrongful death lawsuit as result of the December shootings at a Damageplan gig in Ohio that killed Dimebag and three others.