Milwaukee rockers wanna choke your band...
Lowri Williams

15:13 28th February 2005


A Metallica/Beatles tribute act from Milwaukee have won the support of Lars Ulrich after Sony/ATV Music Publishing closed down their website.

Beatallica are known for reworking the songs of the Beatles in a heavy metal style, resulting in classics like ‘I Wanna Choke Your Band’.

Beatallica made tracks available for fans to download for free from their website but it has now been alleged that the band have infringed on the copyright of the Beatles and have been served with a cease-and-desist notice from their publishers, reports Yahoo.

Beatallica's singer Jaymz Lennfield said to "Things are in somewhat of a holding pattern for now.

"We, as a band, are not getting sued, at least not yet. Our ISP can choose to pull the site. We have filed a counter claim saying we feel what we're doing is legal per our set up and under the rights of free speech.

"We have had legal counsel from the beginning and are organised as a business, not individuals."

Fans have organised an online petition and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has called the band personally, Lennfield said: "Lars Ulrich from Metallica called me at home and we talked about the situation.

"He was very cool and the whole band has been extremely supportive. They're looking into how to best help us with the situation and any future situations."

"In no way does all this crap affect live shows. We'll be bashing them out very soon. We look forward to 2005 as a fun year for us. We have a new tune ready to go; it's done and waiting for a secure home."