With controversial comment...
Jason Gregory
23:15 30th August 2008

We Are Scientists stirred up tense Channel Island relations as they performed at the Jersey Live Festival tonight (August 30th).

Taking to the stage ahead of headliners The Zutons, the band’s energetic set fused tracks from their two albums.

The group were clearly in high spirits as they kicked off their set with ‘Ram It Home’, which drew an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd.

But bassist Chris Cain soon drew boos when he asked how many of the audience – which consisted mainly of Jersey residents - were from the nearby island of Guernsey.

As the crowd chanted "Jersey! Jersey!", Cain admitted to “opening a can of worms.”

“Guernsiams vs Jersists. Think about it guys your not so different,” he said, as the boos continued to ring around the crowd.

Luckily, the group were able to get the fans back on their side with ‘After Hours’, the lead single from their second album ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’.

In a bid to repair relations, Cain later introduced ‘Lethal Enforcer’ by telling the crowd: “We’re going to slow it down for a second so that you can feel it in all your most important body parts.”

We Are Scientists praised the crowd as they ended their set with a raucous version of ‘The Great Escape’.

Jersey Live continues later with headliners The Zutons.