It was recorded with Stephen Stills...
jason gregory
10:05 9th July 2008

An album recorded with Jimi Hendrix, which has been lost for over thirty years, is to finally get released, it's been reported.

The unnamed record was recorded with Crosby, Stills and Nash star Stephen Stills and is being readied for release by Graham Nash, his former bandmate.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Sun, Nash said Stills had “an enormous history of recording.”

“In the '70s, he was a recording fool. He just found a bloody album he made with [Jimi] Hendrix," he said.

"'Oh yeah, I forgot that.' We've got to listen to that... I want to listen to every track he ever recorded in case he recorded with Al Jolson."

It's not clear when the album will be available.

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