Smashing Pumpkins front man gets his own Stratocaster
Victoria Tsigonis

15:23 3rd July 2008

Fender has unveiled the latest in their artist signature line of guitars, the release of the Billy Corgan Stratocaster.

Designed for maximum sound versatility, the instrument is made to mimic Corgan’s signature mid 90’s buzz saw tone. 

“The versatility of this instrument is what impresses me and is why I’m really excited about this model,” stated Corgan.

“This guitar has both a Strat articulation and enough low-end heavy metal sound to get the ‘Sabbath’ out of the guitar I want.  My greatest go-to guitar got stolen at a Pumpkins club date in 1991, and I’ve always struggled since then to find a guitar that was my guitar

"I’m really pleased with this model’s versatility, which I need because I’m playing music from a 17-year period of the Pumpkins’ history—from spacey early stuff to grunge to all-out cyber metal, then back to ballads.”

The guitar is available for purchase now.