They're camping with the punters...
Hazel Sheffield

17:00 28th June 2008

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Gigwise caught up with drummer Ollie and guitarist Luke of The Duke Spirit over brunch in the Orange Tent today hoping to hear of some rock star antics, only to find that the band are taking it easy at this year’s Glastonbury, pitching their tents with the masses.

The band have shunned luxury accommodation to slum it with the punters.  “Yesterday we arrived and put up our tent in the pissing rain,” drummer Ollie said, “And it took us two hours to get from where we were camping to the stage – we just went down, set up our gear and played.  We did have the option of going to a hotel, but it just seemed a bit wrong doing that, to be honest.”

Despite yesterday’s wetter weather and the race from pitching the tent to playing to the masses, The Duke Spirit were obviously delighted with their set.  Ollie described the Glastonbury experience as “hectic and manic” leading up to the gig, saying that by the end of their fifty minute set they had “a full on mosh pit.”

However the band didn’t celebrate with the standard festival mash up after the show.  “We’ve got two more gigs today, so we didn’t go too crazy last night,” guitarist Luke confessed, “we’re being reserved rock ‘n’ rollers.” 

“I was in bed at a really respectable time,” Ollie added, “by midnight!”  With a scaled back acoustic set and later gig at the Queen’s Head planned today, Duke Spirit may well decide to celebrate in a more conventional Glastonbury manner tonight. 

Stay tuned to Gigwise for the latest.

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