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Jason Gregory

10:41 23rd June 2008

Kurt Cobian, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe have all come in the top-10 of stars people would most like to revive.

Elvis topped the poll with 23%, narrowly ahead of Diana, Princess of Wales, and cultural icon Monroe.

The top-10 also included Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare.

The survey, carried out by Warner's, also asked 2000 people what the dead personalities would be doing if they were still alive.

According to the results, Elvis would be a judge of on American Idol and Shakespeare would be penning songs for Amy Winehouse.

Cobain, who killed himself at the age of 27, was recently featured in Gigwise's Dead at 27 gallery.

You can see the other musicians who all lost their lives at the same age HERE.

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The results in pictures