Yes, you read right...
James Dannatt

16:14 20th June 2008

While the whole music world tries to find innovative ways of releasing songs - from pay what you like downloads and freebies with newspapers - Pennsylvanian quartet Innerpartysystem may have found the best one yet. They are releasing their new single…on chocolate!

We’ve heard of music being hard to digest but this is certainly something else.

The track ‘Don’t Stop’ will be pressed onto a seven inch dark chocolate vinyl and if kept cool enough it will actually play the track.

Because the grooves are cut straight into the chocolate it can play like a regular vinyl albeit slightly lacking in quality to the traditional format.

A first of its kind, it could be a sweet move for the band who are set to appear at the Wireless Festival in July and embark on a UK tour later this month. 

‘Don’t Stop’ is released on June 30th.