With their jokes...
James Dannatt

11:35 20th June 2008

Once again Craig David has said he holds no grudges with Bo’ Selecta! and laughs off people coming up to him repeating the catchphrase of his character on the comedy show.

The R&B singer told The Daily Telegraph: “I'm not angry about Bo’ Selecta! I was flattered at first and even appeared on his (Avid Merrion’s) show, but he just went on to become more vicious, knocking down everything I did.

"People would come up to me on the street and say, ‘Craiig Daavid’ in that northern accent, but I didn't mind - it was like they had a form of Tourette’s syndrome.”

He revealed that the only problem he ever had was the fact that people would only associate him with Avid Merrion’s portrayal.

“Even if people liked my records, I felt they might not buy them because I wasn't cool. People expected me to be sad, but I'm not at all. It didn't hurt me, but it hurt the brand.”

Never mind Craig, I’m sure Kez still thinks your cool.