Claims Blake's mother Georgette...
14:08 8th June 2008

After a video emerged of Amy Winehouse singing a ‘racist’ song’, the troubled singer’s day of woe has been compounded by allegations that she has cheated on her husband Black Fielder-Civil twice.

Her mother-in-law Georgette confirmed to the News of the World that she Winehouse into Pentonville Prison to confess to Blake about the infidelities.

She has allegedly slept with Towers of London bassist Kristian Marr as well as her manager’s assistant 22-year-old Alex Haines.

Speaking to the Sunday newspaper, Georgette said: “Amy was so riddled with shame she visited Blake in Pentonville and confessed all. Blake sounded terrible when he told me. I find her timing incredibly cruel.

“He was focused on his trial and fighting for his freedom. Now he’s a broken man, knowing his wife has cheated on him twice. He feels humiliated. Amy’s infidelity is inexcusable.”

Georgette continued: “Blake says she’s filled with self-disgust and now feels worthless. She knows she has let him down and blamed the drugs and the booze. She said she hates everything about herself.”