He asks for his hair back...
jason gregory
10:05 22nd May 2008

David Bowie and Paul Weller have reportedly ended their long running feud – which began when Weller called Bowie’s music “pish”.

Speaking to Mojo, Weller said that he had become “a born-again Bowie freak” while making his new album ’22 Dreams’.

"Every night we’d drive home to London after recording and have Ziggy Stardust on five or six times,” he said.

“’Low’s’ one of my favourite records anyway. Whatever gripes I’ve had about Bowie in the past, ‘Low’s’ been a constant since I bought it in 1977.”

On hearing Weller’s comments, Bowie apparently sent the former Jam frontman an email thanking him for his words.

But he couldn’t resist a final pop at Weller, signing off his email with the words; “Nice one, Paul, Can I have my haircut back now?”

An unnamed source in the Sun newspaper, said: "He sent a pic of himself from the 1960s on a record sleeve. Paul might be better known for the cut but Bowie wanted to point out he was there first.”

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