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Jason Gregory

14:28 16th May 2008

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Heather Mills has been voted the host hated personality in the United Kingdom, in a new survey.

In the poll, which asked 1100 adults to pick their favourite and least favourite from twenty different categories, Ms Mill received 28.3% of the vote.

In contrast, Ms Mills former husband Sir Paul McCartney was voted most loved.

Amy Winehouse was the second most hated personality with 11.4% of the vote, with Victoria Beckham coming in third with 10.2%.

In the most loved top five, formula one star Lewis Hamilton came in second with 11.2%, while David Beckham was the fifth most popular with 9.4%.

Music mogul Simon Cowell, whose famous for his put downs on X Factor and American Idol, appeared in both the most loved and most hated top fives.

In the study, which was conducted by Marketing magazine, four out of the top five most hated were women, while four out of the top five most loved were men.

You can see the top five most loved and hate in our gallery below...

  • Most Hated - 5/ Smon Cowell

  • Most Hated - 4/ Kerry Katona

  • Most Hated - 3/ Victoria Beckham

  • Most Hated - 2/ Amy Winehouse

  • Most Hated - 1/ Heather Mills

  • Most Loved - 5/ David Beckham

  • Most Loved - 4/ Simon Cowell

  • Most Loved - 3/ Gary Linekar

  • Most Loved - 2/ Lewis Hamilton

  • Most Loved - 1/ Sir Paul McCartney

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