You heard it here first...
jason gregory
11:10 7th May 2008

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed that the band tried to create a rainbow of colours on their new album.

Speaking to the Sun, Martin said that each song on ‘Viva La Vida’ was “our attempt to do a different colour.”

"It doesn’t matter whether the record is good or bad,” he said.

“It matters that it’s colourful. The songs are supposed to be flavours, things we haven’t tasted before.”

‘Viva La Vida’, which is released on June 12th, is preceded by the single ‘Violet Hill’, which is out now.

As previously reported, the song attracted two million downloads after it was uploaded onto Coldplay’s website for free last week.

In addition to the free download, the band will also play three shows this summer – in Barcelona, New York and London – in support of the new album.