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Jason Gregory

09:23 7th May 2008

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Madonna has said that she would never consider copying Radiohead by allowing fans to name what price they paid for one of her albums.

The singer, whose latest album ‘Hard Candy’ is number 1 in the UK and US charts, said she wasn’t sure whether she liked the “idea of saying pay whatever you want for it.”

“I think it is good to be specific. Put a value on it,” Madonna said, in an interview with the Associated Press.

Last year, Radiohead famously released their latest album 'In Rainbows' using an online honesty-box.

Madonna's new album is her last with Warner Records before she begins a new contract with concert promoter Live Nation.

The deal, which is the first of its kind, will see the promoter manage all her music and business assets.

Speaking about the agreement, Madonna said she hoped it would allow her to find new ways to get music to people and plan “great shows”.

The deal also makes the singer an equal partner in her music for the first time.

“I have always been signed to a label and I get a percentage of what I earn and now it is 50/50, which is great,” she said.

Madonna played a secret show in Paris last night (May 7th). Check out the pictures below.

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