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Jason Gregory

22:50 1st May 2008

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Madonna has come to the defence of teenage American actress Miley Cyrus – who recently appeared in a suggestive photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

Speaking to MTV News about the pictures, which show the 15-year-old wrapped in a sheet with her back exposed, Madonna said that “everyone should just leave her alone”.

Cyrus, who has shot a number of films for Disney, including Hannah Montana, has been widely criticised over the pictures and has confessed to feeling “embarrassed” by them.

However, Madonna said the pictures were “not a big deal”.

"People are just bored. Leave the poor girl alone,” the pop star explained.

“She's going to grow up soon, she's going to probably show her knees next — watch out."

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for Disney described the pictures as "a situation [that] was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines."

The picture was taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz, whose work has often provoked mixed reactions.

Madonna was joined by Justin Timberlake for a secret show in New York on Wednesday (April 30th).

You can view photos of their collaboration HERE.

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Photo: WENN