Pop star pulls out all the stops...
jason gregory
10:06 27th April 2008

Prince shocked fan with a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ during his headlining performance at the Coachella Festival in Los Angeles last night (April 26th).

The pop star, who was a late edition to the festival following slow ticket sales, adjusted the song's lyrics and added a huge guitar solo for his special rendition.

Prince’s performance began ominously when he took to the stage shortly after 11pm and announced: “Coachella, I am here.”

From there, the pop star was relentless, playing a greatest hits set containing such songs as ‘Little Red Corvette’ and ‘1999’.

Prince had been a target of the festival’s organisers since it began in Los Angeles nine years ago. Consequently, he told the crowd that his appearance would not just be a performance, but also a party.

"They're telling me that we got to go, but I can't leave!" Prince shouted, shortly before set closer ‘Let’s Go Party’.

Following the song, the singer declared that from now on, Coachella was “Prince’s House”.

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