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Jason Gregory

13:46 26th March 2008

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Sir Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, will make a cameo appearance in the new Guillemots video.

The English actor, who admits to being a fan of the group, filmed his guest spot earlier this week.

"A young relative of mine, who's a fan of the Guillemots took me along to a concert of theirs in London and I really took to them, I really liked the music," Sir Ian told Sky News.

"I heard about this video for the new song, which I really like and I happen to have nothing better to do, and it's quite near home, so I dropped in, and here I am."

The video is for the second single to be taken from the band’s second album, ‘Red’, which was released on Monday (March 24th).

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Photo: WENN