He's a busy man...
Daniel Melia
10:52 11th March 2008

Nick Cave has revealed that he is currently working on two new projects – a screenpaly and a novel.

He says he has already completed the follow to 2006’s ‘The Proposition’ but he’s not sure whether or not it will get made.

He told XFM: "I have written a another one for (John Hillcoat) the director of 'The Proposition' but I don't know when that'll get done.

“I keep getting asked to do these things but for one reason or another I've been kind of not doing them...but there are certainly things in the pipeline."

With regards to the novel Cave says that he doesn’t want to reveal too much as yet because he doesn’t want to jinx it.

He said: "I don't want to kind of spook that away but I've definitely been thinking in those terms lately.

“I just know the way things happen - you get a little idea about something and it then starts to grow and that seems to be happening."