Whilst performing in London...
Lowri Williams

14:46 31st January 2005
Ed HarcourtEd Harcourt revealed a new band on Saturday night as he played a gig in West London.

Wild Boar are a three piece rock band that Harcourt has been looking forward to for ages. He said to NME: "It was great to rock fucking hard. That was our first proper rehearsal as a band and our first gig rolled into one so it was a bit shambolic but I think that made it better."

"It’s the other side of the coin. Initially the ideal behind Wild Boar was to offend as many people as possible but they actually like us, which is good."

Harcourt will be playing at the Children of the Tsunami Concert at The Garage tonight.

He releases new single ‘Loneliness’ on February 14.