While his family break their hearts over his spiralling addiction...
14:30 31st January 2005

Pete Doherty

The Pete Doherty and his world of drugs story has not yet run out of steam.

The Daily Mirror yesterday reported the extent of his dependency on drugs.

The paper ran an expose’ on the musician illustrated with images taken from a forthcoming documentary about Doherty’s band, Babyshambles.

The documentary is directed by Max Carlish, the directors told the paper: "Taking heroin is integral to Pete's music making. Two or three times he would come out of the studio and smoke heroin, just liking having a cigarette."

"I want to shock Pete into getting help... I hope that when he sees the pictures he will realise that he needs help. Pete is tempting heroin to kill him but believes he can beat it."

It was also revealed in the article that in the past Doherty had pimped out former girlfriends to pay for his drugs.

Cherilyn Russell a social worker told the paper: "I was (at his Stepney flat) when Pete bought a woman around. He said she was his girlfriend. She was blonde and only 21."

"I saw him inject her with heroin. She had never had a hit before, she was so taken by him that she just went along with it. Throughout it he was shouting and swearing at her."

"A while after he injected her a Turkish man came into the flat. He had a lot of cash on him, he said he had just done a robbery. Pete's eyes lit up."

"The girl went over to the man (and began to initiate sex). Pete was really enjoying it. In the end she went off to the toilet with the man."

"All Pete and his mates cared about was drugs, you could be dead and they would step over you to get their drugs. That is how bad they are."

Doherty’s addiction is also now seriously starting to affect his family. His uncle has warned that his mother is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

His uncle Philip Michael has said: "I love Pete immensely, but he's gone way over the top with the drugs.

"Pete was really well brought up, but got into drugs through a groupie. First of all it was cannabis and then suddenly the stronger stuff. Sometimes he can't go on stage because he's that out of it."

If all of this is true (remember the Sunday Mirror wrote it first) then Doherty’s life is more twisted then previously thought and the poor guy needs some serious help…

Photo By Sakura Henderson