He relies on the rest of the band far too much...
12:44 31st January 2005

U2Bono has described himself as a “lousy musician” without his bandmates and why he would never even consider going solo.

The Irish rocker has told Breaking news that he relies on his bandmates The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen to help suppress his inner rage.

He said: "There's a rage in me that I have to rely on others. I'm very good at relying on others.

"I'm a lousy guitar player and an even lousier piano player. Had I not had Edge close by, I would be hopeless.

"Had I not got Larry and Adam, those melodies in my head would not be grounded. But it's still very difficult for me to have to rely on others. The blessing of weakness is it forces you into friendships. The things you lack, you look for in others, but there are times you become angry. You think: if only I could get to this place."