It's an epic concept record...
Scott Colothan

14:02 4th March 2008

First Tom Meighan described it as “psychedelic”, now guitarist Serge Pizzorno is claiming that Kasabian’s third record is a concept album-esque road movie soundtrack. Interesting.

Not only this, but Pizzorno added that the first three songs on the album are epic, lasting twenty minutes.

He tells xfm:  "In a way it's a concept album, like a soundtrack to some mad film. It's like a really good road movie, yeah a road movie...that's what I'd say."

Explaining the direction of the record, he continued: "We built our own studio which has freed us up massively. We've really been experimenting on this album. The first three tracks we've done are twenty minutes long!

"Music's stuck in a reality at the moment and we're going the other way, back into experimentation without structure which is hypnotic and sends you into a trance. It's very psychadelic, real head music that bends you around."

The band are currently finishing the record and will release it at some point in 2008.

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest