Wife Kelis also sports the controversial album title...
15:43 11th February 2008

Never one to steer clear of controversy, Nas wore a T-Shirt to the Grammy Awards last night (February 10) featuring the title of his new album ‘Nigger.’

Despite protests from some quarters, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Nas is seemingly intent on pushing the title of the record.

His wife Kelis was also at the ceremony wearing a jacket emblazoned with the divisive album title.

Speaking to CNN at the industry bash, Nas defended his fashion choice, saying:  "Its all the experiences we go through every day, of all ethnicities - Black, White, indifferent.

“We’ve all at some point felt discriminated on, whether it's in Dominican Republic, whether it's in China, whether it's in Iraq with soldiers getting their heads blown off for reasons we don’t know why. The meaning of the word is supposed to be ignorant.

“So no longer are Black people still niggers, it’s also me and you (a white correspondent). I want people to think about what I’m thinking about today.”

CLICK HERE to see Nas and Kelis wearing the clothing on the Grammy Awards red carpet.