A signed Les Paul guitar...
11:22 4th January 2008

Three hotel employees have been arrested in connection with stealing a signed Alice Cooper guitar that was due to be sold at a charity auction.

The shock-rocker stayed at the Ontario Hilton Hotel from the week beginning December 10 and left the Gibson Les Paul at the front desk so it could be forwarded on at a later date. It was estimated to raise $3,000 when it went under the hammer.

Ontario Hilton representatives notified police when they saw CCTV footage of 23-year-old Sarah Richards allegedly stealing the guitar on December 27.

20-year-old Jenny Duk and 23-year-old Matthew Johnson were also arrested on suspicion of stealing the guitar for Duk.

All three now face charges of burglary, theft and possession of stolen property. Police say it’s not clear whether any of them are Alice Cooper fans.