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Jason Gregory

13:52 6th December 2007

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An electric guitar which featured on the Rolling Stones’ first hit, ‘Come One,’ has been found - four decades after it went missing

The Harmony Stratotone guitar, which belonged to the band’s original guitarist, Brian Jones, has been found in the possession of a dentist’s family

It’s said that the guitar was given to the dentist, Basil ‘Tug’ Wilson, by a member of the band’s entourage in order to cover a dental bill.

Originally bought for £30 in 1959, the guitar is now thought to be worth £250,000, reports the Guardian.

Jones’s girlfriend, Pat Andrews, revealed that he had also used the guitar to teach Keith Richards.

“He was teaching Keith how to play because he only knew three chords back then,” she explained.

According to Wilson’s son, Robert, the guitar has been used in their family to teach him and his three brothers how to play.

Jones died in 1969 at the age of 27. 

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