Including their cover of The Smiths and New Order...
Scott Colothan
13:37 11th November 2007

As reported earlier, Radiohead aired a startlingly good webcast on Friday night for their site

Featuring a cover of New Order’s ‘Ceremony’, Bjork’s ‘Unravel’ (as aired on their previous testcast) and The Smiths’ ‘The Headmaster Ritual’, the cast also featured poignant renditions of a number of ‘In Rainbows’ tracks.

To save you having to scour Youtbe, we’ve decided to compile some of the highlights of the webcast – titled ‘Thumbs Down’ – into one palatable piece.

Simply click on the footage below and end enjoy!

The Se7en parody

 The storming interpretation of New Order's 'Ceremony': 

 Adam Buxton and Thom Yorke:

 The cover of The Smiths' 'The Headmaster Ritual':

The haunting rendition of  Reckoner: