Over a cancelled show...
Scott Colothan

14:29 3rd November 2007

My Chemical Romance could be facing legal proceedings from an American university over a cancelled show last weekend.

The band were due to play the University of Maine last Saturday (October 27), but pulled out at the eleventh hour blaming an apparent “medical issue” within in the band.

Now the Student Government at the campus have sent two letters to the band asking for $20,500 to cover “lost” costs, covering money paid out for advertising, money paid to contractors and compensation costs.

They’ve given the band and their management until November 12 to stump up the cash, otherwise they will take a vote over whether to launch a lawsuit. This is all despite My Chemical Romance saying they will honour the show at another time - an offer that the university turned down.

Speaking to the university’s magazine, Maine Campus, Derek Mitchell, the vice president of student entertainment, said: "Unless it is truly due to sickness or injury of the band, we intend to seek full damages for breach of contract. When they played Friday night, I think that kind of voids an 'Act of God' claim.

“Come Monday, if we haven't received a check or have no word from them that they intend to pay, we can go to senate on Tuesday night and discuss it further."

Clearly irate at the cancellation, Mitchell continued: "Essentially this loss of $20,000 is a loss of their constituents money. It is really their obligation to allow us to legally recover that in any way possible. I'm going to fight this to the death. Students will get their money back. It will come back to student entertainment, and we will have big concerts.”

Those who have paid by credit card for the gig have been immediately refunded. However cash payees may have to wait up to six weeks to get their money back.

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