Nick Atkinson thinks that Busted are crap...
Lowri Williams

11:50 10th January 2005

RoosterRooster have hit out at their pop rivals Busted.

Frontman Nick Atkinson has said to The Mirror: "I went to my six-year-old niece's party and they're all going crazy for Busted. Who am I to tell them that the music's shit?"

"Not mentioning any names, but along the way we've come across bands who've really bought into their own hype."

"People who are self-righteous and egotistical. Hopefully next time we meet we'll be on our way up and they'll be on their way down."

Take that Busted…

Rooster release their second single ‘Staring At The Sun’ today with their self titled, debut album being released on January 24.