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Jason Gregory

11:01 26th October 2007

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British actor James McAvoy has emerged as the favourite to play Kurt Cobain in a new biopic.

Hollywood bosses are apparently convinced that the actor is the “perfect choice” to play the Nirvana frontman.

McAvoy recently starred alongside Keira Knightley in the acclaimed movie ‘Atonement’ and received Rising Star Award at the 2006 BAFTA’s for his appearance in ‘The Last King Of Scotland.’

The as-yet-untitled biopic is being written by the scriptwriter David Benioff, whose past projects include the film, ‘Troy,’ and will see Courtney Love, Cobain’s former wife, executive produce the film.

Benioff is adapting the script from Charles Cross’ 2001 biography, ‘Heavier Than Heaven,’ which featured candid interviews with close friends and family of the Nirvana star. 

Courtney’s Love’s attorney Howard Weitzman will join her as an executive producer.

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